Does saddle skirt size and shape matter?

saddle skirt length shape

Square versus round saddle skirts, does it really matter? Does one interfere with how my horse moves?

What about skirt length? Does my short-backed horse need a short-skirted saddle?

Here’s what you’ll learn in this video …

8:00 How horsemanship and saddle fit go together
12:00 If saddle fit impacts showing in Reining, Cow Horse, Ranch Riding, Pleasure
19:10 Modeling skirt shape and length on a saddle
22:27 Live horse modeling different saddle skirts
34:10 What to do if your saddle isn’t fitting properly
37:10 What to do if your saddle is rubbing your horse
38:00 Will a used saddle work for you
41:08 Jess & Lindsay’s personal saddle styles