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How to Fix Your Lope Departure in 3 Steps

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Have you ever ...

  • Experienced your horse rushing the lope departure?
  • Had a hard time staying straight during your lope?
  • Wondered how to depart for the lope on the correct lead?

Then this FREE video training is for you!

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How to Fix Your Lope Departure

3 Steps to a smooth departure


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Check Out What's In It for You

when you apply the video training to your riding

You’ll know exactly where your body is supposed to be for the departure so you can maintain your balance in the saddle throughout your entire lope. 

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You’ll take the drama and excitement out of the lope departure so that you can confidently perform one of the most fundamental maneuvers of reining.

You’ll learn the three parts of a great lope departure that you can practice at home so that it’ll go great when you decide to head to the show pen. 

Hey, I'm Lindsay!

My husband Jess and I breed, raise, train, show and sell Western performance horses.

I love to help reiners and reiner wannabes understand and apply riding concepts that will make them the rider I know they can be. 

My goal in coaching and teaching is to empower you with knowledge of your own body parts as they relate to communicating with your horse.

When you understand these things and are able to apply them to your riding, then you’ll be ready for the show ring in no time. 

Are you ready to take your first step?

I’ll see you inside the video series!

Lindsay Hayes-Cofell

Hayes Cofell Performance Horses

Lindsay Hayes-Cofell

This FREE Video Series Is for You If ...

Your Horse Won't Stand Still at Center

Is he or she anticipating the lope and even goes into the lope before you ask for it?

Your Only Have One Lope Cue

Is your only cue to ask for the lope to take your outside leg back?

Your Horse Comes in the Wrong Lead

Is he or she departing for the lope when you cue for it but not in the lead you're asking for?

Your Body Position Is Off

Are you unsure where to put your body weight as you cue for the lope departure?

Sound like you? You can leave your insecurities behind …

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