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Improve Your Riding Skills

Are you a reiner or reiner-wannabe looking to sharpen your riding skills?

So glad you’re here! We’re passionate about providing world-class online educational resources for you.  With immediate access to videos, audio lessons, checklists and more, you have what you need to get into the arena and get to work.

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Advance your skills
in the showpen, saddle, and barn.

Join our online membership experience for reiners and reiner-wannabes!

You’ll get new monthly resources, including exclusive access to training videos, riding plans and more that we’ve developed specifically to advance your riding and horse skills. 

Equitation Accelerator

Get out of your horse’s way.

It’s time to resurface the whole foundation of your skills.

Understand HOW horses take direction. HOW your body gets in the way or improves the motion.


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Trot Rhythm Exercise

Gain clarity on where your horse needs work whether it be rhythm, speed, rating or stretching. 

With this two-part video series and Audio Lesson for support in the saddle, you’ll give your rides focus as you learn to improve your rhythm and speed control in the jog and trot.

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Fix Your Lope Departure

Do you have a hard time with your lope departure?

With this free three-part video series, you’ll learn the three steps to a smooth lope departure so that you can confidently perform one of the most fundamental maneuvers of reining. 

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Live Q&A Videos

Get answers to your top reining questions in our weekly LIVE Q&A on Facebook. 

Every Tuesday evening we go live on our Facebook page to answer your most commonly asked questions. If you’re on our email list, we’ll even give you a heads up on the topic we’re discussing!

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Sliding Stop How-to

Need help with rider body position for one of the most exciting maneuvers in reining?

With our free video training with printable worksheet, you’ll be able to troubleshoot your own body position so you’re communicating effectively with your horse through the stop. 


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Prepare for show season with full days of coaching and riding. 

Jess’ specialty: getting your horse in the game

Lindsay’s specialty: enhancing your body position

Together, we’ll get you and your horse show ready!

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Lessons **LIMITED**

Get 1:1 help with your riding.

Learn about training philosophies, equine psychology and how to ride your horse to improve things like self-carriage, neck reining and engaging the hindquarters.

I'm so glad to have this resource for when I head out to ride!”

Sally Smith-Pelleboer