Coaching & Lessons

We are happy to offer a variety of options for Lessons & Coaching to suit! Stay tuned for our Online Booking options coming soon!

Weekly Lessons

Our weekly lessons run Monday-Thursday from 1:00 pm - 8:00 pm and are mainly taught by Lindsay Hayes-Cofell. Due to demand, we may have to add you to our waitlist or fit you in for some of our clinics until we can get you into a regular spot.

Weekday Evenings

Our weekday evening times (5pm, 6pm and 7pm Monday-Thursday) are reserved for semi-private and group lessons. ​


Yes! We take beginners! All beginner riders start in a private lesson and are moved to a group when they can perform all three gaits and steer safely with other horses in the arena.


Lessons are not just available, but are ENCOURAGED while your horse is here for training and for maintaining/progressing when your training period ends. We bend over backwards to make sure you get to know what your horse is learning while it's here and to improve your skills. These lessons are generally booked with Jess.

  • We offer one-time or occasional lessons booked during the weekdays and the odd weekend.
  • Off-Property lessons and clinics are available, please contact us for pricing and availability.  Want to plan a clinic for your club? We offer a discounted daily rate to help benefit our local clubs. 
  • *Weekly lesson fees are collected monthly with a cancellation policy of 24hrs notice in order to book a makeup lesson or forward the lesson fee to the next month.  
  • *We do not charge a cancellation fee for trailer-in lessons but do ask that you give us as much notice as possible if you’re unable to come at the regularly scheduled time.

Coaching & Lesson FAQ

As soon as they show the interest!  

I can take students as young as five for lessons but my suggestion would be to do a few occasional lessons during the mild weather at this age. Once the child is 7 or 8 you could look at getting them into a weekly lesson. They will need to start in a private lesson and be able to perform all the gaits safely as well as steer and stop before they are able to ride with other riders in the arena. My lesson horses are full sized horses with a high level of professional training, which I believe is essential for keeping children safe on horseback. Due to the size of the horses, the size and age of the children for my program may differ from other programs. 

Absolutely, our current group of students varies between age seven and seventy-seven.  I have quite a few lesson students who started out as parents of my younger lesson students and got the urge to ride, or adults who rode as kids and are now returning to their passion in their retirement..  Beginner adult lessons start out slowly, and I would highly recommend at least a few private lessons before leaping into a semi-private lesson for adults. We work on strengthening and some flexibility exercises as well as understanding equine psychology.  Adults with experience enjoy the time to reconnect with horses in a comfortable environment.

Hayes Cofell Professional Fee Structure Effective January 2020

Lesson Fees

  • 1hr One time or Occasional lesson $60+hst
  • 1hr Weekly Semi-private lesson $40+hst
  • 1hr Weekly Youth lesson $35+hst
*Off property lessons for individuals or group – please contact us for pricing information.

Show Coaching

  • Adult $70+hst/day

  • Youth $50+hst/day

*Prices are based on shows/circuits in attendance by 2 or more of our clients. For fees for private instruction at a show please contact us.


Clinics hosted by us are priced individually.

Want to host a clinic at your farm? Contact us for pricing!

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