You’re exploring your options for training your horse? We’re glad you’ve made your way to our site! Anything that’s not answered here we would happy to discuss with you on the phone or by email. Jess can be reached at 519 427-6520 and Lindsay can be reached at 519 872-1917. Here’s some quick info for you; We typically keep 10-12, full-time training horses at the farm all year round. While we specialize in reining and cowhorses, our experience doesn’t end there. Jess has trained horses for all levels of competition in every discipline from dressage and jumping to barrel racing and driving horses. He’s trained police horses, trick horses and everything in between. We really believe the fundamentals of good training are applicable to every horse. We use high quality equipment and strive to provide the best facilities in terms of footing and overall safety for your horse. Fees: training and board for one horse for one month is $1,000+hst due at the beginning of the month. We want to make sure you get the best bang for your buck so on top of our combined training expertise we also offer full use of our facilities during your horses training period. We do employ barn staff and occasionally offer apprenticeship positions but we like to do the work on the training horses ourselves. If your horse is here for training it may be groomed and saddled or even lunged by our staff but rides and training are done by us. There is no additional fee for blanketing or feeding supplements, we just ask that you provide those. Additional lessons are $50 and can be done on your horse, if appropriate, or on one of our school horses.

BOARD: box stall with rubber mat and low dust shavings, turnout in indoor arena or round pen, high quality, second cut alfalfa hay or grass hay tested seasonally and grain.  We are happy to blanket and feed any supplements you provide at no extra cost. Training horses are never turned out with other horses.

TRAINING: five rides per week and full use of our facilities (Equi-cizer, round pens, indoor and outdoor riding arenas, flag and/or cattle).

OWNER RESPONSIBILITIES: it is the responsibility of the owner to have the horse in good flesh when it arrives. The horse should have been vaccinated and dewormed recently. Farrier work can be provided by Jess (see Shoeing for more info) or by your farrier during your horses stay for training. Farrier appointments must be set up during our non-peak hours.

Training FAQ

No, in order to offer the best possible service at a reasonable rate, we must offer all training done at our farm. Savings in driving time equate to more hours spent hands on with the horses and use of our facilities including our t-rail, equicizer, round pen, indoor and outdoor arenas and various bits, bridles hackamores, saddles etc.

Of course. Once your horse has spent his first 2-3 weeks here, we are happy to set up an appointment for you to come and see his progress or take a lesson on him.  Unfortunately we can not provide a daily for you to view his training. Just want to pop in a visit your horse while he’s here? Not a problem, but please arrange a time with us so not to disrupt lessons or to happen by the farm when no one is in the barn.

Yes! We HIGHLY recommend you take as many lessons as you can before your horse goes home. Yes, yes, YES! This will help you make the most of your training money and help retain what your horse has learned.

Yes. We know we can be tough to get a hold of due to the fact that we do not answer our phones while teaching, shoeing and while riding most horses. Don’t hesitate to contact us by email, call or text.

No problem, contact us to arrange a time that works for you. We might even have a trailer coming from your way to help get the horse here safely.