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Lindsay earned her Riding Master IV certification from Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre in 2005.  She has taken courses in Coaching, Training, Horse Health, Breeding, Showing and holds a certificate of Equine Massage Therapy. 


Lindsay also maintains a First Aid and CPR certification.  Lindsay's students appreciate her vast coaching experience and profound skills as a horseperson.  She has a growing reputation for her compassionate and innovative coaching style and strives for an exceptionally high level of safety for her students at all times. Lindsay takes pride in her quiet, well-schooled horses for lesson students and welcomes outside students for trailer-in lessons.

Lindsay likes to incorporate many aspects of horse knowledge into her lesson, on top of the physical skills of riding.  Her students become well-rounded horse people and enthusiasts with a wide variety of opportunities provided to them.
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2010 Price List *****EFFECTIVE MARCH 1ST***** (all prices include GST)
For all ages and all levels of experience:

The HALF N’ HALF lesson:

Made up of 2 parts, half on the ground with the horse, and half on its back, riding.  We like to suggest several of these to start out with for beginners, or for those with experience 1 or 2 to go over grooming, saddling and general safety.

  • $45/1 hr weekly or bi-weekly, payable the first week of the month
  • $50/1hr occasional or one-time only

The PRIVATE lesson:

Once riders have confirmed their ability to groom and saddle properly, they are invited to come out ahead of their lesson time to groom and saddle their horse independently, and ride for a full hour with instruction. 

  • $45/1 hr weekly or bi-weekly, payable the first week of the month
  • $50/1hr occasional or one-time only

The SEMI-PRIVATE lesson:

An opportunity for riders to ride with a buddy and enrich their learning experience! Also available in the HALF n’ HALF version for two.

  • $35/1 hr/person
    weekly or bi-weekly payable the first week of the month
  • $40/1hr/person occasional or one-time only

The above lesson prices are for riders taking lessons on our lesson horses, please call Lindsay for individual pricing on lessons at horse shows or at your facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: At what age is ideal to start my child in lessons?
As soon as they show the interest!  Generally 7 or 8 is a perfect age to start weekly lessons, private or with a buddy.  I have taught children as young as 3 in lessons.  The length, type and frequency of the lesson is really dependent on the child until the age of about 7 or 8.  I offer a flexible lesson plan for beginners and young children to foster their love for horses in a safe, educational environment.  For some this means shortening the actual time on the horses back, and lengthening the time spent on the ground with the horse learning the safety principles, grooming techniques and reading the horses body language.  Rather than a strict weekly schedule over a long period of time, I would recommend booking shorter lessons for students under 7 that can be coordinated with the rest of their busy daily lives, as well as the weather (SEE “Package Offers” under Pricing).  Please call me for more information, or to set up a time to meet directly and discuss your child’s needs.   

Q: Do you teach adults as well?
Lindsay: Absolutely, I have quite a few lesson students who started out as parents of my younger lesson students and some who are in their 50’s and 60’s.  Beginner adult lessons start out slowly, and I would highly recommend at least a few private lessons before leaping into a semi-private lesson for adults. We work on strengthening and some flexibility exercises as well as understanding equine psychology.  Adults with experience enjoy the time to reconnect with horses in a comfortable environment.

Have more questions for Lindsay? Please email her and she is sure to get back to you shortly.

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